NOLAPS is a diverse group of people from Greater New Orleans working for a just peace in Palestine.


Shaheed grew up in New Orleans, LA where he spent most of his life. Shaheed moved to Silwad, Palestine in 1995 and lived there for three years. During his years in Palestine he attended school and witnessed first hand the situation that his people were living in. After coming back to the United States Shaheed realized that he could not just live here and not do something to help his people. As an activist and an artist Shaheed plans to use his voice and power to reach out to the world and speak the truth. Shaheed claims, “I speak for the people of Palestine, expressing their anger, their rage, their loyalty, and most of all their hope, I am not an artist. I’m just a product of my environment doing my job as a Palestinian by speaking out."


For more information or to contact Shaheed please drop an email at: [email protected]

Check out his song, "The Reality," here, and the lyrics.

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